Hack de gatecoin

The reported cause of the hack was that they did not properly check for a negative account balance while processing multiple, simultaneous withdrawals. 55 Bitcoin exchanges that are being used daily. This is just a info post.

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Hong Kong-based exchange Gatecoin, which suffered a major theft in May, has raised $500,000 from a listed Japanese investment company to aid in its recovery and reopening. Gatecoin (gatecoin.com) plans to reopen for regular business in August.

4/3/2018 · Gatecoin is a Hong Kong-based exchange service that trades decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs). Simply put, DAOs are Ethereum based assets that allow members to fund a project and benefit from it once it is successful. Gatecoin's hack incident occurred in mid-2016 and resulted in more than 185,000 ether coins and 250 Bitcoins stolen. Founded in 2013, Gatecoin reportedly became the first crypto trading platform to list the Ethereum token in August 2015. Another recently hacked crypto exchange, Cryptopia, has since partly relaunched its website, also announcing that it will be using customers’ balances held from the date of the hack as a basis for further calculating rebates. 2/15/2017 · Gatecoin, the Hong-Kong regulated cryptocurrency trading platform for blockchain assets which back in May 2016 experienced a hack and theft of ETH and BTC However, the transparent open ledger of Ethereum has come to the disadvantage of the robbers in the Gatecoin hack. The wallets on the ledger which hold the stollen Ether (ETH) tokens have been tagged by the crypto community and the funds are being tracked. Four Ethereum Wallets have been directly linked to the Gatecoin scam of 185000 ETH tokens. 3/14/2019 · Hong Kong-based bitcoin exchange Gatecoin has said it is shutting down citing financial difficulty. The exchange suffered a $2 million hack in 2016 and hasn’t been able to recover the funds. However, Gatecoin blames a registered French payment service provider for paralyzing its operations. The Hong Kong based crypto currency exchange Gatecoin has been hacked and had apparently lost a lot of Ethereum and some Bitcoins stollen by the hackers. The official announcement released by the exchange says that the breach of their system caused a los of 15% of their crypto-asset deposits.

Gatecoin is one of the fastest-growing Bitcoin and Ethereum exchanges in Hong Kong. Founded in 2013, Gatecoin was one of the first major crypto exchanges in Hong Kong, and it remains active in the city-state’s crypto ecosystem today.

Lea esta reseña sobre Binance, compare más de 400 intercambios o utilice el de competidores de este mercado en su territorio es Bit-Z, KuCoin, Gatecoin, BitFlip y El más famoso es probablemente el Mt. Gox-hack que dejó a miles de  Achieve Continuous, Results-Driven, Hacker-Powered Security Testing at Scale. Run a. We value security during the development of bitcoin.de. Gatecoin Bug Bounty Program Responsible Disclosure Security of user funds, data and  24 Dec 2019 Also, it is white-hat hacking, which means it's ethical and completely legal. They get cash Dato Capital · De Nederlandsche Bank GateCoin Court Shuts Gatecoin Unhappy Bitcoin/Ethereum crypto exchange, Gatecoin, has A turbulent last three years saw the exchange stung in a $20m hack, endure  The most comprehensive, up to date crowdsourced list of bug bounty and security disclosure programs from across the web curated by the hacker community. 26 Apr 2019 On March 27, 2019, ZDnet reported on a widely rumored hack on.. and often in countries like Panama where fraud is sometimes de rigueur. in March 2019, Hong Kong based Gatecoin had to cease operations and  Hack and Take the Cash ! Bug Bounty Gatecoin Bug Bounty Program Responsible Disclosure Security of user funds, data and communication is of.. Viadeo - Politique de remontée de vulnérabilité de sécurité du site www.viadeo.com.

13 Jun 2019 Many hacks are performed for the sake of pumping or dumping the.. Gatecoin was one of the first regulated cryptocurrency exchange 

Gatecoin exchange has reportedly ceased operation effective March 13th, 2019. For more information, please visit the exchange's website.

Hackers that raided Gatecoin apparently altered the way that the exchange handles its customers' money before they pulled off their 

22 août 2016 Après le piratage retentissant de la plateforme d'échange Bitfinex, qui a Cryptsy, Poloniex, BTer, ShapeShift, GateCoin et très récemment Bitfinex…. De même si une faille de sécurité récente est exploitée par un hacker. wget http://ftp.de.debian.org/debian-cd/current/amd64/iso-dvd/debian-8.6.0-.. or to buy other crypto currencies, have a look at gatecoin.com When signing up 

Dans les cinq jours qui ont suivi le premier signalement du piratage Cryptopia, nous avons été surpris de constater que peu d'informations sur ce (.. Odkazy: http://motherboard.vice.com/read/neopets-hack-another-day-another-hack-tens-of-millions-ofneopets-accounts 5. 5. 2016 Skupina „Rojava Plan“ – finančně podporována úspěšným hackerem Kurdská antikapitalistická skupina „Rojava Plan… The results are below and it seems that even with the current low exchange rate as compared to what it was some days ago before the DAO hack it is still more profitable to mine ETH directly and sell it for BTC. Après le piratage retentissant de la plateforme d'échange Bitfinex, qui a récemment perdu 119 756 bitcoins (plus de 60 millions d'euros), un point s'impose sur As expected, Mozilla released a new version of Firefox on Wednesday to address a zero-day vulnerability that was actively being exploited to de-anonymize Tor Review of the Best Dutch BTC Brokers: Payment Ways, Fees, Advantages and Shortcomings. Where to Buy Bitcoin in Netherlands - Guide for Beginners & Advanced Users.